Success Franchisee


Biosuccess is an innovative company and it is first in Indian Agricultural Industry.

Punch policies of Biosuccess

  • Protecting soil, environment, water and ecosystem. The company focuses on how to educate farmers through B2Agri to get immediate and assured maximum profit.
  • By reducing labour, water and investment, Biosuccess focuses on how we can guide even the smallest farmers which is easily implementable.
  • Concentrating on IT and computerized processes in such a way that it helps in giving knowledge to the unreachable farmers.
  • Avoiding intermediaries and selling directly to the farmers.
  • Creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, Biosuccess thrives on eradicating poverty thus proving India to be an agri super power.

How Biosuccess is different from others?

  • Unlike other companies Biosuccess sells knowledge input (they sell product inputs) on soil and instills confidence on farmers mind
  • Farmers are interested to take maximum yield and to get immediate result .Biosuccess is proving the same.
  • A-Z Consultancy for all crops for all needs and problems.
  • Service first, sales next policy
  • Minimum consultant, maximum yield
  • Biosuccess has broken the rule that only nutrients are important for increasing yield and the company also gives importance on crop physiology.
  • B2 agri method of farming and products are specially made as designer-products to shoot each and every farmers in Tamil Nadu and India as well by doing research for more than 15 years on soil agri biotechnology, cropping pattern and farmers psychology
  • Where other companies are focusing quantity of yield Biosuccess targets on “Quantilative” yield as Biosuccess believes quality is equally or more important than quality.
  • The pesticide market of Tamil Nadu is around 350-400 crores. Fertilizer market is approx. 500 crores. Biosuccess has monopolist products like Bioxy and Biodiamond which can reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticide usage, considerably from 50-100% along with improving soil health and yield and thus Biosuccess stands first.

Why Franchisees needed in agricultural industry?

The company started with the aim of servicing the farmers in Tamil Nadu. There is 36 research stations and 13-15 Krishi Vigyan Kendra to serve the farmers. The farmer population in TN is 1.1 crore and thus these service stations have failed to reach the vast farmer population in our state. The farmers lack technical knowledge and know-how. They are not aware of Soil health as the benefits it can do to their yield.

In 1970’s the government launched an agricultural department named as Lab to Land Program. The idea behind the department was to transfer the technology, methods, and ideas from the lab to their farm. But practically the idea had failed.

The other main concern regarding the farmers is labour shortage. There are alternatives like the machineries but due to non-guidance and lack of knowledge the farmers are finding it difficult to feed themselves and their family.

Sector Growth Rate

Sector/Year 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
Agriculture 4.7 1.6 0.2 4.5 4
Business Service 13.2 10.1 9.7 9.5 10.5
Construction 10 5.9 6.5 10.0 11.0
Telecommunication and Transport 10.7 7.6 9.3 10.0 10.0
Manufacturing 10.3 3.2 10.8 10.0 10.5
Other service sectors 10.5 9.8 8.5 8.9 9.6

Why Biosuccess Franchisee?

  • Theme / idea is unique, targets on profit not on yield
  • Only place where knowledge is incorporated to the farmers
  • Solution to all crops
  • Goodwill among TN Farmers
  • Brand image on B2Agri, Bioxy, Biodiamond
  • More than 110 products

Requisites to be a BIOSUCCESS Franchisee

  • Should be interested in agriculture
  • Should enhance knowledge about agriculture and farmers
  • Service Motive
  • Utilize resources given by the company ( Self + Company support)
  • Should be a miniature form of the parent company

Why people become a Biosuccess Franchisee.

  • They want to be their own boss
  • Selling a well established, high quality product.
  • Excellent training
  • Continuous support
  • Hassle free business
  • Decent profit margin

B2Agri (Biosuccess Business Agriculture)

  • Knowledge, Technology, Innovation
  • IT Software Solution, telecommunication, Mass Communication, Dot com, Visual solution
  • Agri Engineering
  • Biotech inputs

Technology in Franchising

  • IT software solution
  • Success farmer CD’s
  • Space in website for consistent advertisement
  • Training for employees
  • Regular training for Franchisees
  • Training for customers of Franchisees

Benefits to Franchisees

  • A higher chance of success than in sole proprietorship
  • Shorter time to opening
  • Free training and ongoing support
  • The selling power of a known brand ( eaze selling)
  • Very low initial investment
  • Advantage of using an established business model
  • “Follow the system “– is the success mantra as Franchisees have to simply follow the parent company for their success.
  • Adhere to Franchisors QUALITY requirements (TQM)

Terms and Conditions

  • Franchisee must realize and understand that company is always right and at any situation they must correct themselves instead of suggesting to the company
  • Franchisee Non refundable deposit Rs 10,000/-
  • Part payment will also be accepted. Stocks will be sent once you pay full amount.
  • Cheques subject to Realization and then only stocks will be sent
  • All disputes are under Coimbatore jurisdiction only
  • Strictly cash and carry basis only on either side( purchase and selling )
  • The inputs must be used only for agricultural or aqua cultural purposes only. Company is not responsible for other usage at any cost
  • Goods once sold cannot be taken back or exchanged
  • Leakage, damage, shortage if any must be informed within 7 days of receiving stock
  • Assurance given on quality of products but not result since varied agro climatic condition differentiates soil health conditions, pest and diseases etc

For further details contact:

Customer Support Manager (Franchisee Dept- Sales)
Phone: +91 9487901515