B2 agri

  • Why our Country failed in Agriculture? (Except a few states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Sattisgarh and Andra Pradesh)
  • Why our lakh and lakhs of farmers Committed suicide?
  • Why majority of our farmers incurred huge loss?
  • Why our farmers make their offspring’s to seek IT, Engineering’s, Medicine, Infra, Education and Research?
  • Why our farmer lands are being Converted into Real estates, factories and buildings?

To Answers these billion dollar questions Biosuccess has done a Vast Research on Indian Agriculture and farmers psychology over the period of 16 years and invented a permanent solution in the form of B2 Agri- A Revolutionary method of farming

As we planned for Agricultural production we failed to plan for Agrarion development.

We aimed for better yield and achieved. But we have not aimed for better profit to farmers. It is not compulsory that if we got more yield then we can get profit.

But if we would have planned to get better profit obviously we might have got the same.

We failed to teach farmers in the grounds of crisis management and Disaster management and also we failed to teach them how to make money instead of how to get more yield.

Now we experience the result in the form of backward growth rate of Agriculture and major dropout by farming community.

We are not barbarians to do agriculture without aiming for Profit; and doing as traditional.

Profit; only Profit - is the main need for any farmers those who live and depend on Agriculture as their backbone for their family as survival factor.

If we would have focused on Profit rather than yield, we would have forecasted Market, Marketing etc.

Farmers suffer a lot with sudden incidence of Pest and Diseases, climatic Variations (uncertainties, natural calamities) Pre and Post monsoon floods/ rains, Drought, Poor water availability, Saline, acid and alkali water, lack of labor, unfertile soil and land, non-availability of inputs in time, no fixed Price for produce, (No minimum guarantee price) except Paddy and Sugarcane) dependence on local input dealers for credit purchase, no proper post harvest technologies and poor infrastructure, improper govt. policies etc.

As a crown of these factors ‘Lack of Knowledge’ also makes the farmers not to get rid of the above.

Now, hopefully we got the answers for the Questions in the First part. It is usual and common any farmer tend to come out of Risky business.

B2 Agri answers and tackles the above problems or challenges brilliantly.

B2 Agri Assures and Ensures the Maximum profit in a smarter way; Eaze way with fast and consistency B2 Agri proved and made hundreds of farmers in TN to perform Agriculture as a Business and as a Profession by utilizing Knowledge, Technology and Innovation.

For the Past one decade there has been debate either ‘Organic’ or ‘Chemical’ farming is successful and Sustainable Since farmers got awareness about ill effects of chemicals some of them (~Less than 1%) changed their farming type as before 1950s before green Revolution.

But they also not getting promising results in terms of yield.

We neither want ‘Organic’ or ‘Chemical’

Today we want the method which promised Profit; but we cannot Compromise on Organic/Eco friendly, non poisonous factors also. This is the method Biosuccess Introduced as B2 Agri. (Biosuccess Business Agriculture)

How B2 Agri works?

At the centre B2 Agri explains should be Performed by Professionals and B2 Agri always tend to increase the profit.

Top left - Agriculture must be done on the basis of ‘Knowledge Input’- This ‘Knowledge Input’ only must decide other material inputs like seed, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Machineries etc.

Top Right - Agriculture must be fastened by using software solutions, Tele communications and Dot.com etc

Bottom left – We have to use Biotech inputs (100% Organic) instead of either organic or chemical for faster results.

Bottom Right - Agriculture must be geared up by Agri machinery and Implements rather than Human labor B2 Agri logo has 3 powerful words such as Eaze, Quick, Maz profit which are Self explanatory

B2 Agri

  • Insists/ attracts youth to perform agriculture
  • For those who are Innovative
  • Scientific and Sustainable
  • Driven by IT, Tele com, Dot .com
  • Eco friendly, Non poisonous
  • Importance to quality ; not only quantity
  • Next generation method
  • Focus on more Profit than more yield

Change to B2 agri – win your game
Change to B2 Agri – Become a Entrepreneur

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