Biosuccess is the only company to have almost double digit numbers of monopoly products

A new technology of O2 releasing is being sold in the form of Bioxy.

A new technology of multi nutrients with solublizing bacterias is being sold in the form of Biodiamond.

Biosuccess has a wide range of Agri inputs which are 100% Organic, non- Poisonous, Eco friendly, Very less labour consuming, Easy applying as follows:

  • Nutritional and yield increasing inputs such as BIOXY, BIODIAMOND, BIONUTRI AND BIOENERGY. (Soil application)
  • Nutritional and yield increasing (Foliar application) inputs such as BOSS, LEGEND, SUPREMO, BIOBLOSSOM, BIOHARVESTOR, BIOGROW GIB
  • BIOTECH/ BIO INSECTICIDES like Bio Thunder, Bio Sharp, Bio Power+, Bio Metax, Bio Brave, Bio Verticel+, Bio Pace
  • Bio Fungicides like
  • Bio fight, Bio fight (S). Bio Viride, Bio Monas, Bio Harzi, Bio Nutri etc (Powder as well as liquid formulations are also available- Selected Products)